Special Olympics World Games 2015

#LA2015 What a truly inspirational event, people with physical and intellectual disabilities from over 165 different countries worldwide, coming together in unity, to compete and interact with each other, and cheering each other on while competing in all different manner of sports.

s.SOLA2015 Edits-34         SOLA2015 Edits-33 SOLA2015 Edits-32 SOLA2015 Edits-31 SOLA2015 Edits-30 SOLA2015 Edits-29 SOLA2015 Edits-28 SOLA2015 Edits-27 SOLA2015 Edits-26 SOLA2015 Edits-25 SOLA2015 Edits-24 SOLA2015 Edits-23 SOLA2015 Edits-22 SOLA2015 Edits-21 SOLA2015 Edits-20 SOLA2015 Edits-19 SOLA2015 Edits-18 SOLA2015 Edits-17 SOLA2015 Edits-16 SOLA2015 Edits-15 SO Torch 2015 SOLA2015 Edits-11 SOLA2015 Edits-10 SOLA2015 Edits-9 SOLA2015 Edits-8 SOLA2015 Edits-7 SOLA2015 Edits-6 SOLA2015 Edits-5 SOLA2015

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